Studio Visit: Khalilah Birdsong

We visited with Khalilah Birdsong in her studio last week at The Goat Farm, a artist complex on the Westside of Atlanta. Khalilah has the kind of personality that welcomes you in, and her well lit studio seems like a perfect spot to create.

Her practice started about 5 years ago, and relatively abruptly. From what I can tell, it was as though she woke up one morning and said "Today I will become an artist." She started by painting a little wooden bird she casually bought at an art supply shop, pictured below, got hooked, and quickly advanced to 6' canvases in a matter of months. Birdsong is an arts manager at heart and knows how to make things happen - since 2012 has been in several gallery shows and has developed a strong client base around Atlanta and beyond. We spoke about working full time behind the scenes and feeling like you need an outlet for creativity when your job is administrative, albeit in the arts. She has worked for the Tyler Perry Foundation for 9 years with a wide range of responsibilities within his organization. 

Her Richter-esque paintings are delightfully colorful and chaotic, drawing in the viewer with subtle texture and gradient.