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Grange Hall Gallery Opening: Billy Newman

Please join us in celebrating Billy Newman's abstract photography on February 3, 2018 from 4pm - 7pm. Opening reception is free and open to the public, complimentary beer and wine will be served. 

RSVP is encouraged but not required.

Artist Statement

Screenshot 2017-12-28 14.20.02.png

With my camera, I reveal images unseen through our normal human vision. I explore plants, flowers, ice, light, motion… almost anything in which I can discover new images.

Previous to this body of work, I had been shooting urban abstracts. My photographs were clearly defined and showed exactly what I saw. Then one day, I was photographing architectural details at E. Rivers Elementary school in Atlanta, and I decided to push my camera into a small boxwood to see if I could still see a discernable image. Although the image in the viewfinder was greatly distorted, I could still see the building details.

The ice and water images have different elements of distortion. What is interesting about many of the ice images, is that the focus is not on the surface of the ice. Shifting the focus in front of, or behind the ice surface, reveals images that are only occurring inside my camera lens. I am no longer photographing just the ice. I’m capturing reflections and refractions as the light passes from sun to ice to camera lens. In essence, I am capturing light itself.

I’ve photographed just about everything from sunsets, to sporting events and landscapes. I no longer care to document those images, no matter how spectacular. I want to see the unseen. We are constantly exploring realms of the unknown: space, science, philosophy, etc… I am no different than the rest of humanity. I simply use the tool I know best, the camera.

About Grange Hall Gallery Wall

The Art Farm has partnered with Grange Hall to curate artists in a pop-up gallery format over the next year. Artists’ featured will be Serenbe residents and close friends, who are emerging and established, those who have never shown their work before and some you may be familiar with from Atlanta. 

Grange Hall as a venue provides artists with a rich, diverse audience of visitors, corporate event guests, neighbors and residents. Gallery show proceeds will support the artist’s growth and that of the Art Farm.

To view work previously exhibited in Grange Hall, please visit the Art Shop.