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Making Perfume with Zapah Lab: The Science of Scent

Join us in The Studio by Art Farm, for an experimental, immersive scent experience.

You will learn to work with a selection of professional perfume components, alcohol, pipettes, some lab glassware, paper strips, and you will get friendly guidance about the balance of aroma materials in your formulas. We will be able to linger a bit to discuss after class over wine, but we will try to keep within the schedule. Arriving sooner rather than later will be helpful -- we will begin promptly at 12:30 pm.

12:00 - Introduction,15 minutes

12:15 - Lecture + Sniffing Section, 45 minutes

1:00 - Break 10 min

1:15 - Practice + Sniffing Section, 30 minutes

1:45 - Break 15 min

2:30 - Practice + Compile Scents, Complete Samples, from 2:30 pm until the end

4:00 to 4:30 - Finish. Wine.

Arianna Khmelniuk of Atlanta based multidisciplinary art + scientific research project Zapah_Lab will lead an intensive adventure in your sense of smell. As an olfactory artist, Arianna will support the experimental nature of the perfume stories of participants in the workshop. Participants at all levels of knowledge and interests are welcome.

This workshop will push the boundaries of your perfume knowledge with a lecture about everything olfactory -- from the fundamental science of scent to modern perfume marketing + development. You'll walk away with your own customized perfume, made by you. All materials, instruction, and post-workshop wine provided.

There will be selected components from all perfume families that will be divided into "characters" and you will be able to choose up to 5 scent components for your personalized blend. You will have 5 trials and in each of them, you will be able to replace components with new ones if necessary.

Part One: Lecture + Sniffing

"Smells Like Art" 45-60 min: The biology behind the sense of smell. Easy organic chemistry basis for the understanding of our environment, ourselves and perfume business in general. An overview of the most recent findings in last olfactory researches and the new vibrating theory of olfaction. Useful unique statistics about sensory perception and preconceptions. Books, references, names of artists and researchers around the globe between science and art of olfaction.

Part Two: "Experimental Perfumery"

Blending, 3h: Safety. Perfume structure overview. Odor classification. Ingredients and formulating. Smelling techniques.

Zapah Lab will provide: A wide selection of scent components, alcohol, pipettes, bottles, paper strips, gloves, and friendly guidance.

What you need to have with you: Water (!) (In the process of sniffing you will need to drink plenty of water), Notebooks, pen, Visual mood board if desired, A positive mindset.

Tips: Please don't wear perfume, and do not come with an empty stomach.

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