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The Art Farm has partnered with Grange Hall to curate artists in a pop-up gallery format. Artists’ featured will be Serenbe residents and close friends, who are emerging and established, those who have never shown their work before and some you may be familiar with from Atlanta. Grange Hall as a venue provides artists with a rich, diverse audience of visitors, corporate event guests, neighbors and residents. Gallery show proceeds will support the artist’s growth and that of the Art Farm.

Grange Hall is open to the public on Saturday & Sunday from 11am-6pm.

To make an appointment to view work privately please email


Billy newman


Artist’s Statement: With my camera, I reveal images unseen through our normal human vision. I explore plants, flowers, ice, light, motion… almost anything in which I can discover new images.

Previous to this body of work, I had been shooting urban abstracts. My photographs were clearly defined and showed exactly what I saw. Then one day, I was photographing architectural details at E. Rivers Elementary school in Atlanta, and I decided to push my camera into a small boxwood to see if I could still see a discernable image. Although the image in the viewfinder was greatly distorted, I could still see the building details.

From that experience, I was intrigued with this new vision and began pressing parts of flowers or plants against the front of my camera lens, while shooting botanicals. Those petals or stems were so close to the lens and so far out of focus, I could no longer see them, but the distortion they provided changed the image. No longer was a flower, just a flower. It was a flower that appeared to vibrate or dissolve away. Realism gave way to impressionism and abstraction.

The ice and water images have different elements of distortion. What is interesting about many of the ice images, is that the focus is not on the surface of the ice. Shifting the focus in front of, or behind the ice surface, reveals images that are only occurring inside my camera lens. I am no longer photographing just the ice. I’m capturing reflections and refractions as the light passes from sun to ice to camera lens. In essence, I am capturing light itself.

I’ve photographed just about everything from sunsets, to sporting events and landscapes. I no longer care to document those images, no matter how spectacular. I want to see the unseen.

We are constantly exploring realms of the unknown: space, science, philosophy, etc… I am no different than the rest of humanity. I simply use the tool I know best, the camera.





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 Zen painting is free, effortless, natural painting. There is no planning, thought, or struggle. When engaged with Zen painting, the painter and the painted are one. Zen painting runs counter to the usual academic and conceptual methods for creation of artwork. In Zen-fashion, the consciousness goes deep beneath the surface, uncovering patterns that change and flow moment by moment. bloomed.

Judy Walker began painting in her home of Colorado Springs, CO, studying with Herman Raymond. She then went to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, majoring in illustration. She stayed in Southern California, and in addition to painting and illustration, she became a graphic designer, photographer, and journalist. Then, two and a half years ago she and her husband moved to Serenbe, where she paints, designs books and publications, and enjoys the amazing art community of the South.


The inspiration for this collection was nature. Each image reflects innocence and a pure, perfect moment of beauty. To be in contact with nature gives me the opportunity to be present, to stop my mind, to connect with myself. For me, these aspects bring Peace for the Soul. The allure in taking the photographs not only came from capturing the form of each flower but also from capturing the light and background of the setting. In addition, editing the composition and the contrast within each image allowed me to provide balance and harmony to the final photograph.  All the images in this collection were made many years ago. I have collected them from my archive to form the Peace for the Soul Collection. 


A native of Chile, Paula Susarte studied photography at The School of Photo Art, Santiago, Chile. She worked at The Nation newspaper in 1985 photographing different aspects of the press, then at Ported Editorial, photographing traditional culture, tourism, theatre and television. In 1998 she took photographs in the South of Chile for brochures for Ichhtyophatology Laboratory, Medical Clinic, Seafood companies, Leather company and small entrepreneur companies. She was also involved in projects for an architectural magazine, art and a book. Paula held a Photo Exhibition in 2000 called “Katmandu,” and travels around Europe and Asia documenting the architecture, art, culture and landscape. She relocated to the United States in 2002 with her family, where she focused on raising her two daughters. Paula has continued her photography education by attending a range of workshops in Atlanta.

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Jessica Ashley is an artist based in Peachtree City, GA. She studied painting, photography, and sculpture at ACA, now SCAD. She works as a professional photographer known around Serenbe for capturing our events and special moments. She has been featured in Southern Living, Weddings Unveiled, The Atlantan bride, Style Me Pretty, Occasions Magazine,  as well as numerous other publications. Her studio is in Serenbe. 

Her show at Grange Hall was of new paintings, never shown before.